Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Wander Society

I had this very vivid dream last night.  There were two women in disguise for their own safety.  Somehow I unveiled the fact that they were Greek Goddesses.  One was Aphrodite and I'm unclear about the other.  I slept quite restlessly last night.  That fact carried over in my dream ... I dreamt people in my dream were at work as early as 3 a.m.

Anyway, I was staying in a room that got ramsacked and things I valued were taken.  Somehow I was able to find a safer room and that's when it I discovered I was amid the goddesses.

I imagine they play significance in my current path.  With respect to Aphrodite, I pulled a couple of cards for further understanding, and it still eludes me.  "Admit Your True Feelings to Yourself" and "Your Wish is Granted"

I have been drawn to read this book I got not that long ago with Laura entitled "The Wander Society". by Keri Smith.

I resonate with it because it's not bound by anything other than the gift you see beneath the obvious.

I tried taking that awareness with me outside in our sanctuary of a backyard.  The act of striving to document the nuisances proved counterproductive, as the magic was siphoned off.

This I love, from the book:
"To wander is to pass through a secret portal to another plane of existence.  Time is altered, your mind opens.  You're presented with a multitude of magical experiences, experiences meant for you.  They are often sensory in nature ... "  I sensed the vibrational dance of vibrancy, color and flowing water.
Today, a total of 4 Monarch butterflies emerged today.  Two in the morning; one of which Bill released with me.  The other two when I came home.  Despite their already establishing he ability to fly they pause on my finger, as if taking taking the world into their auric field before they initiate flight beyond me.  Each time I watch it, it reminds me of the first time I learned to ride a bike.  Very wobbly and needing to land somewhere to build confidence on my abilities.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Writing Day 1 after Full Moon Oracle Spread

Card 1 - You are here.  What's going on for you in this present moment.  Recognize this energy and decide if it's useful for your manifesting stuff.  Do you Need to shift or change something?

  • Card: Whom Do You Need to Forgive?  Family who usurp my creative time.

Card 2 - Mental Shifts.  Gives you an idea of what mental shifts you could be making to help your manifestations come about or new mental shifts you want to manifest.

  • Card: Ask for What you Want.  Become a healthy, clear vessel, perpetually in the flow of clear, concise, creative ideas, that serve to uplift me and keep me connected to my passions and inner self.

Card 3 - Spiritual Gifts.  Reminder of your gifts and abilities.  Your spiritual connection can also represent some new spiritual stuff to call into your life.

  • Card:  Holiday.  Resolve fertilized by rest and time.
Card 4 - Co-Create this.  Here's something you can totally manifest this new moon with a bit of help from the universe.  This can come about in the next few weeks.
  • Card:  Marriage.   Understanding, encouragement and support of spouse to enable me to proceed unimpeded by the trappings of guilt. 

Card 5 - Ask for Help Receiving This.   You need help with this one.  Ask people around you for a hand, or get connected with your spiritual team to really make this one happen.  You can't do it alone and you don't have to.  This could also be about a block you have with receiving this thing, so get that looked at.

  • Card:  Walk Away.  The understanding from others that I too have personal goals that require me to withdraw to adequately cultivate and nurture them.

Card 6 - Star Potential.  This is the long term potential of what you're manifesting this new moon.  What's possible over the next few moons, or even further ahead.

  • Card:  Let Go.  The realization that it is already done once I get out of the way.